What about the wood-plastic floor

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What about the wood-plastic floor              12 янв 2018, 06:37

Polymer wood plastic floor will be healthy and comfortable living, green environmental protection, the combination of fashion and beauty, as well as the decoration is convenient, the map has been welcomed by decoration companies and households Healthy Environment Decorative Floor Products Distributor In HK , become the protagonist of indoor decoration. The detailed information on the indoor wood plastic floor is introduced today.
The wood plastic compound floor has good performance, moisture resistant, acid and alkali resistant, tasteless, antifungal, anti-static, moth-proof, painless, and the comfort of the human body.
This kind of floor with PVC (PVC) as the main raw material, its flammability and smoke density to meet the national class B1 standard, has the super flame retardancy, increase the safety factor of human habitation. Used for geothermal heating floors.
In addition, wood plastic floor color is even, the grain is natural, show realistic log flavor, can reflect personalized adornment idea. The wood plastic floor is alternative and the preferred products of the compound floor of the real wood floor is a kind of green environmental protection of Japanese companies highly recommend floor. It overcame real wood floor and aggrandizement floor is afraid of water, has the defects of the harmful material such as formaldehyde, fundamentally have a lot to save timber forest, reduce pollution, maintain the ecological balance of the good effect. It can be widely used in the living room, bathroom, meeting room, gymnasium, park, etc.
In the consumer to the traditional real wood floor is easy deformation, not easy to maintain, moisture-proof, waterproof, wear-resisting, easy to fade, poor stability, the installation process is waste workers and spend red tape and aggrandizement is compound floor formaldehyde content, shortcomings and so on are not waterproof and worries! Comply with the green environmental protection, the new trend of health and energy saving, closely follow the market demand, the science and technology content is high, the new type of floor, the wood plastic floor appears.
The wooden plastic floor is the concept of "environmental protection, health", with the aim of "efficient" to develop the patented products that meet the market demand and new essentials, wood plastic floor. Wood - plastic floor is a mix of wood fiber and plastic mixed with temperature, it is different from wood fiber and glue to form the high love floor. Wood plastic floor waterproof, not contain formaldehyde, is a kind of floor industry radical innovation, complete progress.
Above is the introduction to the indoor wood plastic floor, its advantage does not make you incomparably enchanted. What are you waiting for? Make your home a nice, stylish wood-plastic floor.
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Re: What about the wood-plastic floor              17 янв 2018, 13:16


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