antibacterial laminate flooring


antibacterial laminate flooring              15 ноя 2017, 05:32

Antibacterial does not mean sterilization. Antibacterial so amazing, then it really like some floor companies claim to kill bacteria on the floor surface or even in the air? Reporters interviewed on this issue Chinese Academy of Sciences antibacterial materials testing center.
Inspection Center Director Shi Weiming introduction: "Antibacterial does not mean sterilization, consumers do not confuse the antibacterial and bactericidal, antibacterial laminate flooring on the market are adding antimicrobial agents in the substrate, but no matter what kind of antibacterial
agents are used Can not kill bacteria in the air.Antimicrobial floor can only play a certain role in the inhibition of bacteria on the floor surface. "Antibacterial is a double-edged sword. The face of anti-bacterial concept upsurge, the experts seem unusually calm,
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