Installing wool floor


Installing wool floor              15 ноя 2017, 07:13

<p>cement mortar can not afford to sand, not empty crack, the grass-roots must be clean. Grassroots level cement mortar leveling and then laying wooden flooring. Grassroots moisture content of not more than 15%. Adhesive wood flooring adhesive, to be thin and uniform. Primer cleaning → Primer coating → Spring line, leveling → Drilling, </p>
<p>installing embedded parts → Installing wool floor, leveling, planing → Nailing floor, leveling, planing → Nailing plate → Planing, polishing → Paint → Upper wax. Floor treatment Adhesive wood flooring glue, it should be thin and uniform. And preferred environmentally friendly glue, to reduce the extent of future chemical volatiles. Multi-</p>
<p>layer parquet flooring nail without nail, directly on the keel on it. The main purpose of nailing is to stabilize the floor and prevent its deformation. The construction of multi-layer solid wood floor You see the cross-section to know, staggered, stability is very good, normal pavement do not need to hit the nail, the person will not move to the top </p>
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" plastic board compare to coosa board , equine fencing wood composite "
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