floor is the earliest flooring


floor is the earliest flooring              15 ноя 2017, 10:14

We all know that the Pan American floor is the earliest flooring brand in China. It has been 12 years old. So I think the history of a company is closely related to the boss's personal experience. Your experience is that of the Pan-American history. I would like to invite Yang.
Zongxian to talk about your initial story of Pan Am. Yang Jianzhong: Hello everyone, I am Yang Jianzhong, very happy to be able to communicate with netizens across the country. Then I first talked about myself. I graduated from college in 1984 and was assigned to the Science and Technology Commission at the time.
I participated in the research on optoelectronic technology in the national scientific and technological project. I participated in the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" and the " Five "science and technology plan formulation and implementation, and organize the implementation of research projects.
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