corner of the floor


corner of the floor              12 дек 2017, 05:00

<p>drop a drop of water on the floor surface, let stand for a few minutes to observe the phenomenon of water droplets did not scroll and spread, did not penetrate, wipe clean, the floor surface did not appear discoloration. Visible, this floor has a very good waterproof performance. Multi-layer holy grail AH8058 rose purple floor is a multi-</p>
<p>layer curing technology, the surface layering, layered curing. Compared with ordinary surface coating process, each layer of paint adhesion stronger, can form a good protective film, better natural waterproof performance. Use the more difficult to clean the oily pen on the floor surface to write the 'Holy Land floor,' the four characters, to </p>
<p>be slightly dry after the calligraphy, use a tissue wipe, easily wipe the words to be wiped clean. This floor is very good stain resistance to the floor, usually on the management of life stains will be relatively easy. With the sharpest key on the floor facing the floor, use a large force to scratch the floor several times. Observe the floor </p>
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