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Nike is one of the most innovative running shoe brands out there. While they do stick to some popular models for years (ie the more than 30 years history of the Nike Pegasus), they constantly introduce new technologies and with them, new names and classification.

This article will help you make sense of all those model names, technical jargon and finally understand which of Nike’s running shoes is meant for which runner.

Understanding the meaning and design principles behind the tech names will help you navigate through the catalog faster. Here’s an overview.

Flyknit is a special woven fabric that makes the upper of a shoe feel Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Damen like a sock, by placing yarns and knits strategically around the structure in order to support the foot of the runner when needed Adidas Superstar Damen Gold and leave it Nike Air Max 97 Mujer free everywhere else.

Flyknit running shoes are lightweight: a light yarn replaces multiple stitched or glued panels. Flyknit also allows for extremely precise upper fit, being able to seamlessly integrate tight-knit areas where support is needed and wide-knit areas to allow for flexibility.

Flyknit is environmentally friendly as it produces 60% less waste than traditionally constructed running shoe uppers.

This technology is Nike’s latest, so expect to pay a premium for Flyknit shoes.

Most notable examples of Flyknit shoes are the Flyknit Racer (as the name implies, a fast and light shoe for racing distances all the way to the marathon) and the Nike Free Flyknit (an extremely flexible and lightweight running shoe to strengthen and train the muscles in your feet).

Nike running shoes engineered mesh flymeshEngineered Nike Air Max 2016 Zwart Mesh (Nike Roshe Run Dames Zwart sometimes called “Flymesh” by Nike) is a lightweight mesh construction that is – compared to traditional mesh fabrics – more breathable and is at the same time both more durable and flexible.

Engineered Mesh features more prominent perforations than traditional mesh. It is a completely different construction than the previously mentioned Flyknit and shoes with Engineered Mesh usually have a lower price-point.

You’ll find Engineered Mesh on many of the Nike’s most popular running shoes. Notable ones are the Nike Zoom Structure and the Nike Lunarglide.
An overview of Nike running shoe midsole technologies

Midsoles of running shoes are made of foam. Each company has their own trademark foam mix that tries to achieve the following: be as lightweight as possible, be soft in order to absorb the impact with the ground, be elastic (in Adidas Superstar Womens order to compress on impact and release propelling you forward), be durable (foam does deteriorate with use, so all foam materials need Nike Roshe Run Donna Grigieto be engineered to maintain its characteristics for a decent amount of time).
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